The Show

Girls were auctioned out to the highest bidder to jump in the mud for a 3 round bout. MCs played a key role exciting the clientele and raising the bid. Who can forget MC Dennis Morgan! He had a set of lines that made him famous and always made people laugh. He would abruptly stop a mud wrestling bout and tell one of the guys..."Excuse me Sir, your balls are showing! They're not pretty big balls, but a ball is a ball"! People would be laughing hysterically! "Johnny Cocktails" was another main MC that kept the Show alive with his funny comments to the audience. Garret was the sort of MC that would give the Show class with his black Tuxedo and elegant manners. He was there from the very beginning. Here on the left, a view from the Bar area, before the Club opened its doors and the show began.

Let's Get it on!!

And here it is! The action in full swing, a mud wrestling match and the girls selling kisses on the side. Clients on the first two rows would inevitably get splashed with mud. Notice the floor and cealing covered in fresh mud. Guys that won the bidding would go to the Second floor, change into shorts provided by the Club and come down to wrestle, grabbing girls from all "angles", nice, right!
Mud wrestling could get pretty intense, same as getting kisses from the girls. In case anyone got "out of line", big BJ would kindly "escort" him out of the Club!

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