The Tropicana Girls! Sexy, Provocative, Beautiful!

Hollywood Tropicana was all about the girls. Motley Crue immortalized the Club in this song you're hearing now. "Tropicana's where I lost my heart", Vince Neil sings, and he's not alone! Girls came in all flavors and colors. Each with her own sexy and flashy way to get our attetion. Blonds, brunettes, red heads, they were all there! Some guys would go out of their way showing up with presents for all of them or the one they really liked and fell for. Girls walked the club with grace and style, leaving a scent of hair spray, shiny lipstick and exciting perfumes that made us all take a deep breath. Here is a compilation of pictures, taken between 1987 and 1992. Surely you will recognize some or all of them. Enjoy!

Good memories, right? Getting a kiss and a hug from Joni, Darcey or Terry, just to mention a few of them, felt really good, it was worth it the $1.00 we paid over and over and over again!

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