We hope you have enjoyed this graphic journey back in time to remember The Hollywood Tropicana. Today the building is silence, like a great pyramid, defying time, but decadent, eroding. Time and the owner future plans will determine its fate. And the girls? After the Club closed its doors some went to work at other clubs, but there was no other place like Tropicana around. The show was not about nudity, the crowd well behaved and the potential to make substantial money was not matched by any other gentlemen's club back then in Los Angeles.
Will Hollywood Tropicana ever reopen its doors again? Former MC Dennis Morgan and associates is currently working on a project to revive Hollywood Tropicana with an even expanded concept, Bar & Grill plus the Show. We wish him good luck and will keep our eyes and ears open to get feedback from Trop Fans when the place opens up.

The Graphic Material

All graphic material in these pages has been preserved with care and dedication. Digital technology was non existent back in the '80s and '90s. These images, despite their quality, are some of the only surviving testimony. Patrons, anyway, were not allowed to take pictures or videos during the show.

Check Out The New Page!

We were able to add a new page dedicated to Trop Fans with documentation sent to us from you guys! It's really amazing to get those old pics, like the one sent by Johnny taken by the Trop photographer back in 1987! Hopefully we'll get more material in the near future.

About Us

Metal Darkness Productions was tapped to produce this webpage. A simple and informative solution due to the available documentation and the fact that the Club is no longer in business. Further development is subject to getting additional stuff.

We Want your Pictures and Tropicana memorabilia!

We'll be happy to publish your Tropicana pictures, tickets, flyers, etc. Anything you saved from those days! Scan them, format them as a JPEG or GIF file and send them to us via email as an attachment to .

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